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Raspberry nicecream with XAVIES' granola topping

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Raspberry nicecream with XAVIES' granola topping


I made this raspberry ice cream with raspberries from my own garden. My little garden provides me with plenty of them so I can always put some in the freezer for later. And precisely that is the secret of a delicious fruit ice cream, a nicecream, based on frozen fruit. Raspberries, together with some banana, make for a velvety ice cream that will delight young and old!

The preparation is not difficult at all, and the ice cream is ready in no time.



250 g frozen raspberries (or other red fruit)

1 large ripe banana cut into pieces

a handful of strawberries

XAVIES' granola nuts-chocolate



Blend the raspberries together with the bananas in your blender until you get a nice velvety ice cream texture.

If your blender is not that powerful, add an extra ripe banana and stay close to your blender!

Voila, your ice cream is ready!

Cut the strawberries into pieces and put them in a glass. Put the raspberry ice cream on top. Finish with some frozen raspberries and XAVIES' GRANOVIE nuts-chocolate as crispy topping.



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