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XAVIES' granola Chocolate Rocks

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Every now and then we crave a sweet or comforting snack. Traditional cookies and sweets are always on hand and therefore standard fare to satisfy sweet cravings.

But there are also healthy alternative snacks that will fill your sweet tooth. These granola chocolate rocks for example. Mix XAVIES' granola with melted dark chocolate – if you really want to do it right then preferably use chocolate of at least 70% – and let it stiffen in small heaps. Sweet chocolate with a crunchy granola bite and extra fibers to keep you feeling fuller for longer! The perfect snack when those cravings hit you!


You can safely store these granola bites for 2 weeks in a cool place.


Ingredients for 12-14 rocks

75 g chocolate of your choice

75 g XAVIES' GRANOVIE coconut-cinnamon



Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie and add the granola. Stir everything together well until the chocolate is thoroughly mixed.

Make heaps and arrange them on ovenproof paper or aluminum foil.

Allow cooling for 2 hours in the refrigerator.

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