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Nieuw op de webshop: Mini Marie ICE TEA. Gezonde ice-tea’s voor volwassenen en kids. 5 kruideninfusies met een vleugje vruchtensap.
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With a good breakfast you immediately set the tone for the rest of the day. If you want to live a healthier life, you can achieve a lot with just a few small changes. Choose a healthy breakfast that gives you a lot of energy and makes you feel satisfied for a long time. My favorite breakfast during the working week? Natural yoghurt with fresh fruit and granola.
Jo Gabriëls
I consider myself one of the guinea pigs in the product development of XAVIES 'GRANOVIE. I myself am not really concerned with healthy food, but out of curiosity and given the purity of the ingredients I wanted to try XAVIES 'GRANOVIE in a homely atmosphere. Mission accomplished!
Michael C
For me, Double Chocolate is the perfect replacement for my daily breakfast with choco pops. And as a snack I go for the slightly more subtle Nuts-Chocolate.
Peter K
Our daughter of 2 years stands next to me every morning asking for a bite of GRANOVIE: light, dark, light, dark, but always with a piece of chocolate!
Silvio S
We are fond of Nuts-Chocolate and Double-Chocolate. We have stayed with these 2 species. The choice will only become more difficult ;-), I am sure everyone will find their desire in the XAVIES 'GRANOVIE range.
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