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7 tips to get up

Getting up is for many of us one of the most difficult moments of the day. These tips can help make getting up easier and smoother. 

1 Put your clothes out the night before 

Everyone has already experienced this: you stand in front of the closet in the morning and the top you want to put on with those pants happens to be in the dirty laundry. You can avoid this morning stress by laying out your clothes in the evening; it's fun to do and obviously saves you lots of time in the morning.  

2 Know what you are going to eat  

Breakfast is an essential meal of the day that is often skipped due to lack of time. It saves you a lot of time in the morning if you know what you are going to eat or if you have already prepared your breakfast the night before. A nice recipe that is ideal to make on a rainy day during the weekend is banana bread.

3 Drinking tea before bedtime 

Hot drinks help you to relax and become drowsy. Tea is ideal in this sense because it is light on the stomach, unlike for example chocolate milk. Chamomile Tea is especially recommended as a bedtime drink.

4 Put everything in 1 place 

Make sure you do not lose unnecessary time or become stressed out because you can't find your stuff for work. Remember to place all your essential items like your keys, cell phone and laptop in one place.

5 Don't use that snooze button  

It's so tempting to hit that snooze button in the morning but it really isn't such a good idea. It makes getting up a lot harder and can cause you to stay in bed much longer than planned. It is certainly not advisable to put your alarm clock half an hour earlier so that you can snooze for another half hour, because this way you lose a precious half hour of sleep.  

6 Create a routine

When you are still drowsy, it is difficult to think straight. So why not plan things so that you don't really have to think? Create a routine for the morning, so your body automatically knows what to expect.

7 Do it  

When you apply these tips, your mornings will run much smoother. But don't forget: just do it. Get up when you hear that alarm go off.