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Published : 03/31/2017 20:40:25
Categories : Breakfast

Busy busy busy! Throughout the week, many of us are busy with anything and everything. Work, family, social contacts and hobbies: they all require time and attention. Despite all that, putting a nutritious meal on the table in the evening is something we still want to put some effort in. But taking the time to start the day with a healthy breakfast is skipped by many in order to get the children ready for school or hit the snooze button a few more times. Very understandable! But not really necessary. Because there are a number of breakfast formulas that are take-away-proof and therefore ideal to save time in the morning. Below are some ideas for healthy take-away breakfasts.


1  Overnight oat-chia-porridge

Just as the name implies, this porridge is prepared the evening before. The principle is simple: you mix 100 ml milk with 3 tbsp oatmeal and 1 tbsp chia seed, some spices (such as cinnamon or vanilla) and fruit to your taste. This goes into the fridge before going to bed and while you are dreaming peacefully, a tasty and super healthy porridge forms. You can use a storage box for this, but you will get a much hipper and nicer-looking result if you use a recycled jar. For a little more indulgence, you can use an as-good-as-yet-not-quite-empty pot of peanut butter or chocolate spread. Maybe just a little less healthy, but delicious!


2  Yogurt with crispy granola

Are porridges not really your thing? Do you rather prefer crunchy grains? Then use a 'Sistema Breakfast To Go' storage box with separate compartments. It keeps the yogurt and the granola separate, so the nuts, seeds and grains remain deliciously crunchy until you feel like, or have the time, for your breakfast. (Via this link you can click through to this handy take-out box.)


3  Quick no-bake cereal bars

Making healthy energy bars full of grains doesn't have to take much time. Briefly heat 80 g rice syrup or honey and 80 g peanut butter or nut paste in a pan until they begin to melt. Combine this liquid mixture with some 250 g of your favorite XAVIES' Granovie or Pure Toasted mix until all ingredients are well mixed. Pour the mixture into a flat dish, press well and let it stiffen for at least 30 minutes before cutting the cake into strips. Ideal to prepare in advance, because these cereal bars can easily be stored in the fridge for a week!


4         Smoothies

Smoothies don't seem to lose popularity at all. They are also very useful to get the necessary energy and all your important nutrients in a fast, tasty and healthy way. For a nutritious breakfast smoothie, blend about 150 g of fruit with 100 ml of milk of your choice, 50 g yoghurt and two full tablespoons of your favorite XAVIES' cereals.


5   Nuts and dried fruit

When you can't find the time to prepare breakfast for yourself, then the emergency solution par excellence is: a bowl of nuts and a small portion of dried fruit. Nuts contain a lot of healthy fats, proteins and slow carbohydrates, while the dried fruit provides you with fast energy. Having a stock of this in the house is not a luxury for those who have ever run into time trouble or who are often on the road.

Hopefully, the tips above can inspire you to get started with on-the-go breakfasts to stay on top of things!

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