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Slow weekend breakfasts

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Sleeping in late, waking up without an alarm clock, having breakfast at your own pace, wasting time ... They've all become very precious activities. But at the same time, it’s so important that we grant ourselves some peace and tranquility every now and then. Especially today when everything is going at such a rapid pace. Agendas are packed with business, sports and social activities, so there is hardly any time left to catch our breath and recharge our batteries. Yet this is exactly what the weekend was created for! This is maybe why it is high time to reclaim a morning for our loved ones, our family and ourselves. And how can you start the day off better than with an extensive, scrumptious breakfast? Let us provide you with a few weekend breakfast formulas that are guaranteed to make everyone happy.


       The easy way

The easiest way to make a breakfast special is by adding a glass of fresh fruit juice and eggs. A soft boiled egg with soldiers or a delicious, creamy scrambled egg ... An easy sandwich with cheese or your favorite  granola - breakfast suddenly become a lot more festive.


Warm, filling and full of fun

Of course, if you like to spend some time in the kitchen, you can go for that little extra. There’s nothing like the delight of a hot breakfast. During the hectic workweek, however, most of us don't have the time to cook or bake in the morning, let alone wait on an oven-cooked meal. Yet on the weekend, there are plenty opportunities for cooking and baking.  So ignore the clock, no need to have breakfast at 8 o'clock sharp, or be at the dining table right at noon. The time is yours and the term "brunch" was invented for a reason.

Go for pure weekend indulgence and bake a banana bread for example, a real American cuisine classic. This luscious, healthy breakfast cake based on mashed bananas has now also found its way to Europe. You can also experiment with low-sugar breakfast pancakes or waffles based on spelt or oatmeal. Work your banana bread and pancakes with a spoonful of yogurt, fresh fruit and some crunchy XAVIES' Double Chocolate granola or cereal.


Light and colorful

If you prefer to keep things lighter, then go for a delicious smoothie bowl. In a powerful blender, mix frozen fruit, such as pineapple, mango and/or red fruits together with a ripe banana and a spoonful of thick yogurt. The result? A super healthy vitamin bomb with the texture of ice cream! Finish your smoothie bowl with some fresh berries, coconut flakes and a sugar-free mix of nuts and seeds, such as the  Pure Toasted Nuts & Seeds . Be inspired by scrumptious recipes in cookbooks or colorful photos on Instagram.  A quick search on hashtag #gezondontbijt will yield a lot of ideas!

Cherish your breakfast time. Taking the time for a quality breakfast is the right start for a great day. And, under the motto "Eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day", the use of beautiful bowls and cups will make your experience even more pleasant! Liven up your breakfast creations with trendy bowls and cups with graphical black and white prints or colorful bamboo fiber bowls by Point Virgule. You can view and order them via this link and treat yourself and your loved ones from early on in the morning. Good morning!