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Time to get back in the swing of things!

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The summer holidays are almost over. We’ve enjoyed sleeping in late, going out for dinner, discovering new cultures and letting it all out at festivals. Or we simply stayed at home, made time for ourselves, read or finally started on that vegetable garden. The relaxed rhythm of the summer will soon have to make place for a busier agenda. September is upon us and our hurried life of job, school and all kinds of activities is about to start again. Even if things suddenly become a lot more hectic, this return to reality need not necessarily be stressful or negative. We humans are creatures of habit and even going back to a day-to-day routine has something reassuring. And so we pick up where we left of or take up sports or plan for some weekly me-time by starting a new hobby. A steady routine also makes it easier to maintain a healthy diet. Because the relaxed summer ease, the many outdoor eateries, the delicious foreign cuisines or the heavy festival fare ... are bound to have left some traces. Even if our minds are not yet ready for the routinous reality, our body longs for regularity! And the sooner you get into that healthy diet again, the easier and smoother the transition will be.


It is quite commonly known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Still, not everyone likes to have a meal in the morning. And there's no reason why they should! There are however wholesome physical benefits to a morning breakfast, even for those who eat one to maximum two hours after waking up. Can't manage to have breakfast during the hectic morning hours? Then take a Breakfast-To-Go travel box to work, filled with fruit, yogurt and granola.


A tasty, filling salad is an ideal lunch: fresh and packed with vitamins and minerals. Also, colorful vegetables add a dash of joy to your lunchbox, ideal to brighten up your working day. It takes just a little more time to prepare a salad than a cheese sandwich, but the sheer eating pleasure is all the greater! That is, when your efforts in the kitchen have not been in vain and your vegetables and extras have remained crispy, fresh and tasty by lunch time. A lunchbox that contains several different sections is not a luxury in this respect. The Salad-To-Go for example, with its 4 separate compartments, keeps your salads at its best!


Small snacks are important to keep our metabolism going so we don't feel the urge to plunder the fridge when we come home from work. So make sure that you always have a snack at hand, such as a piece of fruit or a serving of nuts, easily brought along in a Snack-To-Go box.  And thanks to the handy screw lid, you can safely take your favorite yogurt with you in the Yoghurt-To-Go.


Getting prepared in advance makes it a lot easier to eat healthy in the evening during the workweek. Make up a weekly menu during the weekend and prepare an accompanying shopping list. Try to do all your shopping in one go. That way, you save a lot of time during the week! And you'll also be less tempted to grab a quick takeout meal. A tasty and nutritious evening meal is the perfect way to reward your body and mind after a busy day.