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XAVIES' Granola Bites

XAVIES' Chocolate Coffee Bites with different ingredients

Have you found your healthy snack yet? Besides granola, we also have healthy snacks for you to enjoy. You can choose between lightly sweetened or sugar free Granola Bites. These cookies are the perfect snack when you want to eat something healthy.

XAVIES Granola Bites, what is it?

They are artisan oatmeal cookies that we roast in the oven. This makes your cookies nice and crispyThe Bites contain a lot of fiber and protein because of the nuts and seeds we use. Those fibers make sure you digest everything better. In addition, the fibers also give you a longer satiated feeling. So you will be less tempted to eat something else.

In our range we have both sugar-free and lightly sweetened oatmeal cookies. Looking for a snack without added sugars? Then the Almond Coconut Bites are the ideal sugar-free snack. Would you prefer a snack that is lightly sweetened? In this case you can choose between the Hazelnut CacaoPecan Ginger or Chocolate Coffee Bites. These are sweetened with agave syrup, a natural sweetener with a lower glycemic index. This will make your blood sugar fluctuate less.

The cookies will also give you energy for longer. The oat flakes contain slow sugars and this will give you long-lasting, healthy energy. How does this happen? Your body absorbs multiple carbohydrates more slowly, therefore it does not digest the carbohydrates as quickly.

Healthy and easy

We made the Bites in handy shapes so you can easily take them with you wherever you go. One serving contains about 30g, which is 5 to 6 cookies. Afterwards you should feel full and have enough energy until the next meal. You can get the packets per 150g, which is normally enough for a week. Can't get enough of this healthy snack? Then you can buy a bag of 300g.

You can also serve the Bites in a fun way. The cookies are delicious on their own, but if you are a fan of hummus you can add it. We already have a recipe for chocolate hummus. If you want, you can already get started with this.

Healthy snacks are always fun. That is why we keep working on new products. Maybe you will be surprised by a new snack soon.