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Breakfast with a smoothie bowl

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It is essential to have a portion of your daily healthy nutrients included in your breakfast. For example, by having a breakfast with yoghurt, fresh fruit and granola. 

It is important that it is easy to prepare so that we don’t have to get up half an hour earlier to prepare our breakfast. You've probably already spotted the trend on your Instagram or in some trendy breakfast bar: the smoothie bowl.

What is a smoothie bowl? 

The word smoothie bowl says it all: this bowl contains some sort of smoothie. The big difference with the traditional smoothie is its structure. A normal smoothie is usually drunk from a glass with a straw while a smoothie bowl is eaten from a bowl with a spoon.

Traditionally, the smoothie bowl is finished with toppings such as granola, fresh fruit, nuts, etc. There are endless possible variations. The smoothie bowl is a full-fledged meal, which makes it perfect for breakfast and it will leave you feeling satisfied until noon.

How do you make a nice smoothie bowl?  

Actually, you can pretty much use anything to make a nice smoothie bowl. What's essential is to have the proportions of liquid and solid ingredients just right so that your smoothie is not too liquid. Frozen fruit is a perfect choice here. Mix it with yoghurt and milk and presto, the base of your smoothie bowl is ready.

Finish with your favorite granola and other toppings. You can conveniently use leftovers from your fridge such as those last five nuts or that half apple. You can experiment endlessly. It is always useful to first follow a recipe to get an idea about the desired consistency and quantities. Under the heading recipes, you will find several examples of a tasty smoothie bowl.  

Hopefully our tips will help you to make a delicious smoothie bowl!