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Freeze-dried fruit

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During freeze-drying, only water is removed from the fruit. This way, all their nutrients are preserved.

How exactly does this work? 
Freezing drying is a method of drying foods at temperatures below freezing point, namely at temperatures of -50 to -80 degrees Celsius. After freezing, the food is dried in two steps . First of all, slowly, over the course of a few days, and at reduced air pressure, so that the frozen moisture evaporates. During this process, all nutrients are preserved. This allows the fruit to be stored much longer. The process also gives the fruit a crispy structure. 

It is ideal as a snack, a nice change from a normal piece of fruit and yet super healthy.  

It is also ideal to experiment with and add to your breakfast, desserts, sweets....  

Strawberry Quinoa Granola

Above you see an example of a granola bowl with our Strawberry-Quinoa granola with freeze-dried strawberries. Ideal to put the summer on your plate during cold winter days. It gives your breakfast a crunchy and sweet touch.