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How to make a nice granola bowl, ideal for brunch.

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Usually, during the week, we don't have much time, so in the morning we quickly pour some yoghurt in a bowl and sprinkle some granola over it and finish it off with a piece of fruit. But on weekends, we can do better. We have to please the eye as well. It's also great fun to experiment and ideal to spend some time to prepare the next brunch you have planned.  

1. The bowl

The choice of the jar in which you make your granola bowl is also important. Choose for example a nice Kinto bowl in your favorite color.

If you want to work in layers, it's best to choose a clear glass, so you can see the stunning layers of your 'granola parfait'.  

2. The yogurt

When making a classic granola bowl, the thickness of the yoghurt is of great importance. It is best to choose a high fat yogurt, Greek yoghurt or Skyr, because its structure is thicker. They're are also good options in terms of taste; their full taste makes the granola bowl just that little bit tastier.

You could also mix the yoghurt with berries, to achieve a lovely purple or pink color. Experiment with your favorite ingredients. 

3. The toppings

Then it is a matter of choosing your favorite toppings. Your best choice is fruit that cuts easily. Nothing nicer and prettier than a granola bowl with beautiful colors to start the morning. Be sure to keep this in mind when buying your fruit. 

The easiest way to achieve a nice result is by working in rows or layers. But more importantly: experiment and have fun!

Hopefully you have found these tips helpful.