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Breakfast is the start of your day, the moment your body gets its energy to get the day off to a good start. Starting your day with a nutritious breakfast ensures that you will make healthier choices during the day.

If your breakfast consists of white bread and choco spread, you will quickly get hungry again. These foods are low in fiber and rich in fast sugars, which quickly increase blood sugar levels. Sugars are absorbed very quickly by the body, so blood sugar levels quickly fall back, giving us an irresistible urge for sweets in no time.


Rapid blood sugar fluctuations make you tired and moody and have a negative influence on your ability to concentrate.

After eating fast sugars, blood sugar levels shoot up and give you a short-lived energy boost, so you actually feel good for a short while. Then the body wants to normalize the blood sugar levels, so the pancreas reacts and releases an insulin peak to carry the sugar in the blood to the cells. There, the sugar is absorbed and converted into energy, or, if you're not very physically active, converted into fat. As a result, blood sugar levels fall very quickly. This is accompanied by a feeling of lethargy and irritability. You therefore are quite likely to want to eat fast sugars again. And this creates a viscious circle, a pattern that is difficult to break.


If you start your day with a high-fibre and balanced breakfast with slow sugars, you will start your day with a much better feeling.

A high-fiber breakfast makes the blood sugar rise slowly; it does not cause peaks. The energy the breakfast contains is slowly released to provide you with sufficient energy, so you feel satisfied and calm. A small amount of insulin is delivered through the pancreas to bring the released energy to the cells. Blood sugar levels remain stable because the pancreas doesn't overreact to unexpected fluctuations. So you feel fitter longer. When your breakfast has steadily delivered all its energy, you will start to get slightly hungry again. A healthy snack or a healthy meal ensure that your blood sugar level stays in balance, reducing the urge for fast sugars.

If you want to stick to your daily healthy breakfast, some minimal effort is required. In the beginning it takes a bit of planning, but once you're used to it, it's a piece of cake!