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Tips to survive the morning rush.

The end of August is in sight again. This means that the summer is unfortunately coming to an end and the new school year is about to start. With these tips and tricks you are ready to start the school year in a healthy manner. Having school-going children unfortunately also means a real morning rush, just to get everyone and everything ready on time. If we can, we preferably send our children off to school with something healthy and nutritious in their lunchbox. Obviously, this takes some time, but some careful planning and thinking ahead will already take you a long way.

1. Getting clothes ready in the evening is already a huge help. When your daughter or son is a bit older, it can be a good idea to do this together. It boosts their sense of independence but also prevents discussions.  

2. Make sure that their book bags are ready, their agenda is signed...  

3. Setting the table the night before is also very convenient.  

4. What is also always fun is to experiment with nice breakfasts that you can already make in advance. Be sure to look here for some inspiration.  

5. Also make sure to take a moment for yourself, read some articles in the newspaper or a magazine, take some time for a nice cup of coffee. It is also a good idea to get up a little earlier than the kids, so that you have some time to quietly prepare yourself. 

Try to find out what works best and adjust where necessary. When you have found a rhythm that works for the whole family, simply stick to it. And turn it into your morning ritual. That way, the morning will go smoother because everyone knows what is expected of him or her, and when.