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Why breakfast is so important?

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It happens to all of us at times, we press the snooze button one too many times and then we have to hurry to get ready in time. Chances are that breakfast will be skipped. 

This is, however, a very important meal; since we normally do not eat during the night, our body uses our energy reserves. These have to be replenished in order to function properly. Food is the fuel for our body and in order to keep our engine going, breakfast is essential. 

When we don't have breakfast, we don’t get any energy and our level of concentration plummets. Our metabolism will also run less smoothly; as a result, we will eat extra food in the next few days. This we do automatically because our body wants to store extra energy. Obviously, this leads to extra pounds and this is of course not desirable.

Having breakfast creates a better, healthier and more stable eating pattern. When we have breakfast and certainly when we choose a healthy breakfast, chances are that we will make better food choices during the day as well.

We all have to hurry sometimes. The ideal solution to the situation is to quickly prepare an on-the-go breakfast.

There are ideal jars for this, in which you can store your fruit and granola separately so that it does not get soggy. When choosing an on-the-go pot, make sure you pick one that closes well. You can find the ideal pot to take with you on the road here.

In short, the message is: do not skip breakfast.

We also have a worst-case solution: always have a bag of granola bites in your car. If you leave for work without breakfast, you can always eat some granola biscuits to fill your stomach!