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XAVIES’ new healthy snacks

Nut mix and crackers

Until now, we mainly had granola and healthy cookies in our range. So you could already enjoy XAVIES' healthy products in the morning, in the afternoon, .... But there is more! Can't get enough of our current products? Then you should definitely try our new products! The new roasted nut mix and crackers will surprise you in a healthy way.

The oven roasted nut mix with herbs

As you probably already know, a daily portion of nuts is good for you. Nuts contain a lot of beneficial nutrients. They contain fiber, protein, iron and unsaturated fats. Nuts reduce your cholesterol level and thus help to keep your veins healthy.

With Sandra's Roasted Nut Mix by XAVIES' we guarantee you a quality mix of nuts  and crunchy seeds. To keep your snack healthy, we roast the nuts in the oven and do not add extra oil. You can choose between three nut mixes that are flavored with unique spices. These are the three delicious flavors: ras el hanout, za'atar and sesame soy.

The oven-roasted nuts are ideal as a snack, but can also be served perfectly with appetizers. You can also use them as a crunchy topping on your favorite salads.

The Sourdough Crackers with a touch of olive oil

Sandra's Sourdough Crackers by XAVIES' are made from rye leaven. We add a little olive oil, but it's definitely not a greasy cracker. In addition, we don't deep fry the crackers so they have a better Nutri-Score.

The crispy toasted crackers are suitable as a snack during aperitifs. They are also very tasty as a topping on salads. Currently you can choose between the following three flavors: oregano sea salt, turmeric black pepper and hazelnut almond. One by one delicious flavor combinations. Are you looking for a low-carb cracker? Then Sandra's Hazelnut Almond Crackers are definitely for you!

Where are these treats available?

Sandra's healthy snacks can be found in your local Delhaize store. Until now you could also find Sandra's Granola there. The snack is located in a different shelf, but by looking at the recognizable packaging you will definitely find it!

No time to go to the store? Then you can also buy the snacks on our webshop.

So go get the delicious snack quickly, because it's time to snack ;)