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Breakfast before sports

Published : 04/02/2020 10:14:57
Categories : Breakfast , Live a healthier life

What kind of breakfast should you have in the morning before exercising? This is, obviously, quite a personal matter, and rather a matter of finding out for yourself what works and what does not. Ideally, you should eat things that give you energy. Like bananas, for instance, which are ideal to start the day because they contain sugars and act as a natural fast energy source. Bananas also contain magnesium and potassium.  

Also try to experiment with oats in the morning because they contain a lot of complex carbohydrates. This makes them an ideal food to eat before your workout. Also try to add natural fats; nuts but also nut butter are perfect. Just try to get a product without additives and added sugar.  

Granola also contains oats and nuts and is ideal for your pre-workout breakfast. Be sure to try this smoothie bowl with frozen banana. It is great to have before exercising.

Drinking enough water before making a physical effort is very important to ensure a healthy moisture level. Ideally, you should eat at least one hour before exercising so as to avoid feeling uncomfortable during your activity or experiencing pain in the spleen.  

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