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Take healthy breaks in between

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We all know the phenomenon, we do our best to eat healthy and prepare healthy meals. But before we know it, we're having that waffle our colleague treated us to or a piece of cake on the road because we have no time for a decent meal. Unfortunately, these are almost unavoidable situations, but what we can do, is prepare ourselves a bit better.  

1. The most important element here is preparation. It goes without saying that when we are hungry and there is no healthy alternative, the chance is much greater that we will go for that unhealthy snack. 

2. What is also very important here is that our snacks should not only be healthy, but also tasty. On the days when we don't give in to temptation, we might even choose that healthy snack we don't find all that tasty. Yet on lesser days, this is a lot harder. So it is important to start thinking about what you like to eat and see if there are healthy alternatives and put them down on a list.  

For example, if you are someone who loves to eat ice cream, you can perfectly make a healthy variant by simply freezing a banana and mixing it. You can easily create your own favorite flavor by adding frozen fruit. Be sure to try our recipe for raspberry nice cream with granola topping. 

Exceptionally tasty and much appreciated by pancake lovers is this recipe with granola and banana. There are endless possibilities to make healthy snacks just as tasty as their unhealthier versions.

Be sure to look for inspiration here.

3. This is ideal for those days when we have more time, but unfortunately this is not always possible. Of course, you need to put some time into finding out which alternatives are best for you. Always try to have something healthy at the ready that doesn't require any work and is ready to eat. This could be a nice piece of fruit, a handful of nuts, yoghurt with some granola...

Our granola bites are also ideal as a healthy snack, and are easy on the go.

These are available in 3 flavors: hazelnut-cocoa and pecan-ginger, which are lightly sweetened with agave syrup. And then we have our third variant, which is sugar-free: the Almond-coconut.

Hopefully these tips were helpful in getting you on your way.We wish you a lot of success in your search for the ideal healthy snacks.