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Of course you do! Especially at a time when breakfast is often a hasty affair!

Did you know that 99% of all households in Flanders have spreads or jam on the breakfast table? In 89% of all cases they are spread on bread, toast or crackers.

Well… things weren't any different for me. Although I knew that an overload of fast sugars are undermining our health every day. Fast sugars quickly give us the feeling that we have a lot of energy, but this feeling is only short-lived. Once we want to start our active day, the feeling is already gone!

Fast sugars are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and cause high blood sugar peaks. The body will produce insulin hormone to bring the sugar level back down, causing blood sugar levels to drop. Insulin also stimulates fat storage, so if there is too much sugar in our blood, it is stored in the form of fat. When the blood sugar level drops again, the need for eating sugars increases. It goes without saying that it is not really a good idea to eat a lot of these fast sugars. Not only do they make you gain body weight, but they are also not good for your health overall.

That is why it is advisable to eat fiber-rich carbohydrates. They make sugar levels in the blood rise slower and not peak so high. As a result, little or no insulin is produced, our body receives no signal to store fat and we don't feel the urge to start eating sugars again.


New Years Eve, a pleasant evening with friends. We ask about each other's resolutions for the New Year ... I intend to live healthier and eat less fast sugars.

So on January 1, I don't start my day with a slice of bread with chocolate spread, but with oatmeal and fresh fruit. The first 10 days are hard, I have a headache, my body is more dependent on sugar than I ever thought. But after 10 days, I feel reborn, fitter than ever!
It is the best resolution I have ever made!

To bring variety in my breakfasts and snacks, I start looking for new recipes and ingredients. Granola is my favorite.

It consists of whole grains, mixed with a variety of nuts, pits and seeds, flavored with honey, crispy oven-baked. I give it my own touch and vary endlessly. I improved the granola, refined it, replaced the honey/maple syrup with agave syrup.

I tell my story to everyone around me, I want to encourage everyone to live healthier, to eat granola for breakfast or as a snack. I propose to make those goodies for them. Then they can also enjoy it, without having to spend time on it.

That is how XAVIES' was born.

All my different recipes were tasted by friends and acquaintances. And because they liked them so much, I started making more! In this way, it has become my mission to make you enjoy a fast, tasty and energetic breakfast!

The breakfast cereals of XAVIES' GRANOLA make a great breakfast with crispy baked cereals, flavored with agave syrup. Aside from being absolutely delicious, they also provide you with the necessary fibers! Whole grains combined with agave syrup provide a high-fiber breakfast with slow sugars. The big advantage is that you burn them very slowly. In this way, you can start your day full of energy, even after the first rush!


With healthy greetings,