How XAVIES' granola all started...

Our granola is named after our business owner Xavie Battel

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The story of XAVIES' began in 2014, when Xavie decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle. She threw her old habits overboard - so no more chocolate spread sandwiches - and switched to natural whole foods without fast sugars. The result was dramatic, for after 10 days she felt like a new person. "Suddenly I had tons of energy, whereas before I felt sluggish and lifeless," she says.

She had already come to know granola during an overseas trip. In Belgian stores, however, this novelty was not yet to be found. She set about making her own granola and started baking oat flakes at home. After much experimenting, she came up with her own recipe, without any fast sugars. She went about it by feel, but also drew upon her expertise as an industrial engineer and product developer in the food industry.

Her enthusiasm was infectious and spread to her family, friends and colleagues. It was so inspiring that they too wanted to change their lifestyle. And they all wanted her granola. Xavie's baking hobby got out of hand: soon she was in her kitchen one day a week making granola for her entire circle of acquaintances. At one point, she wondered, "If everyone likes it so much AND feels fitter, why not make my granola accessible to everyone?". Xavie started a web shop and was approached by many innovative entrepreneurs who wanted to distribute XAVIES'. The brand grew much faster than expected and became a real trendsetter.

The healthiest granola on the market

Not only did it bring in customers, it also brought in extra helping hands. All people who are equally passionate about healthy foods, and who understand how important the way we feel is. The production moved from Xavie's kitchen to a new, private studio where the granola is still prepared in an artisanal way. And based on the original recipes: without additives, flavourings or shelf-life extenders. The range of lightly sweetened granolas was further expanded with new flavours. There now is also an unsweetened version, with no added sugars 

The mission, however, remains the same as it was in the very beginning. "I want to show people that with healthy(ier) food, you will also feel fitter. Without having to compromise on taste at all. Our granola is delicious and easy: add a piece of fruit, some yogurt and voila! It’s a breakfast for the whole family, great to enjoy together. It gives you energy until noon - a real kick start to your day." And it's all purely natural, which makes XAVIES' the healthiest granola you can find!