3 chicken fillets

250 g XAVIES' Nuts Seeds

100 g of flour

2 egg white



2 tbsp olive oil


Cut the chicken fillet into slices of 1 cm thick. Season the slices on both sides with salt and pepper.

Put 3 dishes ready. Fill one with the flower. In the second scale you do the egg white. Beat the egg whites for a moment with a fork. The third scale is for the granola with extra seeds and seeds.

Pan the chicken breast slices one by one.

Put a piece of chicken fillet in the dish with the flour, shake the dish and make sure the chicken gets a thin coat of flour. If necessary, knock off the excess flour.

Roll the floured chicken breast pieces through the egg white. Make sure that the entire surface of each piece is given a layer of protein.

Then roll the slices through XAVIES 'GRANOVIE. Make sure that a layer of granola sticks around everywhere.

Collect the breaded chicken breast strips on a separate dish.

Put a frying pan on the fire and add the olive oil. Heat the olive oil over medium heat. Fry the chicken breast slices on a low heat on both sides until golden brown.