How often do we have breakfast without really thinking about it? A slice of bread with a sweet spread, a croissant with coffee somewhere along the way. However, the first meal of the day is very important. A good breakfast gives us energy for the day and the challenges ahead. An everyday breakfast must be quick and easy to make. Cut some fruit, natural yogurt finished with a crispy topping, ready in no time!


1 mango

1 apple

200 g of natural yoghurt

70 g XAVIES' Coconut Cinnamon


Peel the mango, cut the flesh from the pit. Then dice the flesh into cubes of 1 by 1 cm.

Cut the apple in half, remove the core and cut the apple into cubes.

Mix the pieces of mango with the apple.

Fill a bowl or a glass with the fruit and spoon the natural yogurt over it.

Finish with XAVIES Coconut Cinnamon granola.