A breakfast with summer fruit on a balmy summer morning is perfect to start the day. Here's some inspiration for a quick and healthy breakfast with granola.

Breakfast is the start of your day, the moment your body gets its energy to start the day right. Starting your day with a nutritious breakfast increases the chances that you will make healthier choices during the day.


XAVIES' granola Aardbei-Quinoa

1 nectarine

10 strawberries

6 raspberries

100 ml coconut milk


Take 2 glasses. Pour 50 ml of coconut milk in each glass. Cut the nectarine in half and cut each half into 5 thick slices.

Pick the stalks from the strawberries and halve them.

Divide the fruit over the 2 glasses in the coconut milk and finish with a tablespoon of XAVIES' Granola Strawberry Quinoa