It is best to prepare the pudding the night before so that the chia seed can absorb all the liquid and can thicken it into a pudding.

Chia Pudding is one of our favorites, it is super simple, goes fast and is delicious too! It is also nice to make some extra so that you can eat for a few days, you can vary from topping, Pure Toasted Seeds, Nuts & Chocolate, Coconut Cinnamon, berries, raspberries, honey, agave syrup, jam ... all to taste. determine


XAVIES 'granola of your choice

1 ½ cups of Almond milk / soy milk / regular milk

½ teaspoon Vanilla extract

granulated sugar as desired

½ cup of Chia seeds

Honey or agave syrup

Fruit as desired


The easiest way is to use an old jam jar to make the pudding.

Pour the vanilla almond milk (or almond milk, or soy milk or regular milk) into the pot. Stir in the vanilla extract and granulated sugar.

Add the chia seeds. Stir until the chia seed is completely soaked in the milk.

Place the jar in the refrigerator overnight. So that the chia seeds can become thicker into a pudding.

If you want to eat the pudding in the morning you can take it out of the fridge and add a topping to your liking!