I am a huge fan of smoothie bowls. Why? You can make them in a snap (handy on a busy day), they taste delicious, and they are packed with healthy ingredients. This time, I used raspberries and banana. The result: a tasty, filling, and nutritious smoothie bowl with a beautiful color (because, let's face it, presentation matters too, right?). I finished it off with some extra red fruits and a handful of granola, adding a healthy dose of fiber to your breakfast. Enjoy your meal!


1 banana (in pieces)

150 grams raspberries (frozen)

125 grams Greek yogurt

150 ml plant-based milk

Handful of red fruits

1 tbsp Double Chocolate Granola


Put the banana, frozen raspberries, Greek yogurt, and milk in a blender. Blend everything until smooth. Pour the mixture into a bowl and top with red fruits and a handful of granola. Enjoy your delicious smoothie bowl with raspberries and banana!