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Breakfast on-the-go

We're all well aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet we also know that not everyone can spend half an hour every morning to put a perfect breakfast bowl on the table. Can’t find the time for breakfast? Don't worry; you can eat healthily, even when you're on the road! With our tips & tricks for breakfast on-the-go, you no longer have any excuse to skip breakfast. 


1)   Easy peasy breakfast on the go 

The handiest tool for your quick and easy breakfast on-the-go is an empty jam jar. Jam jars have the ideal size for a one-person breakfast. Wash the jam jar well and fill it with layers of all the foods you like. Alternate yoghurt and fruit and top off with granola for a great breakfast. This really is the perfect start of your day! 

2)   Breakfasts you can prepare a day in advance are so awesome!

Not a morning person? Does every minute you can spend longer in bed feel like an hour? Then we have the perfect solution for you. Simply prepare your breakfast the day before. Below you can find some easy breakfasts to help you on your way.

Choose the granola pancakes or granola waffles if you're up for an appetising breakfast. Are you a fan of banana bread? I usually prepare my banana bread on Sunday evening, that way, I have breakfast ready for the entire week. Or would you rather have some more variety? No problem, because banana bread can easily be kept in the freezer. Quick & easy!

My personal favourite and ideal for those who like a fresh breakfast: the smoothie...! Endless possibilities and so easy to blend the night before and take with you in the morning. In the morning, add some granola before you take your smoothie with you. TIP: I use the Russel Hobbs smoothie maker which is super handy! Close the practical drinking caps and simply throw the blending cups into your bag. After use, you can easily clean the individual parts in the dishwasher.

Everybody likes variety, so here's one last top recipe. A nice breakfast idea to start the day with is chia pudding. Very easy to prepare the night before and store in the fridge all night. Before taking off for work, top the pudding with some granola and fresh fruit and you're on your way!

3)    XAVIES’ 40gr bags are so handy! 

Recently we started selling our granola in 40gr bags. They contain the ideal portion for 1 breakfast. Very convenient when you have breakfast at work. Scoop some yoghurt into a bowl and simply add the contents of a bag. Enjoy! Tip: the 40gr bags are also ideal to take on trips abroad. From now on, you no longer have to take a whole bag with you! Just bring along enough small bags for a tasty breakfast every morning!

4)   Granola bites on the go are perfectly OK! 

For those who are not so keen on breakfast but still want a healthy start, our granola bites are absolutely ideal! Always have a bag in your car or in the drawer of your desk and have four or so cookies in the morning. Best combine them with a piece of fruit for the best results and feel satisfied until the afternoon! ;-) 

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