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Snack with XAVIES 'granola Coconut cinnamon, pear, chicory and blue cheese

A surprising snack with salty flavors of the cheese, sweet bits of pear and crispy spicy granola!


Pear - type Doyenné du Comice
XAVIES 'GRANOVIE Coconut Cinnamon
Blue mold cheese
Balsamic vinegar
Fresh thyme


Carefully remove the chicory leaves from the stalks. Crumble the blue cheese very finely and cut the pear into small cubes. Mix the pieces of pear with the crumbled blue cheese and spread the mixture over the chicory leaves. Drop a few drops of balsamic vinegar over each leaf of chicory. Sprinkle XAVIES 'granola Coconut Cinnamon and finish with fresh thyme leaves.

Hapje met XAVIES' granola Kokos-kaneel, peer, witlof en blauwe kaas